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Memories of Super Bowl XLIII are impossible to ignore

So what if we're living in the past, that isn't a game that can be forgotten.

Jamie Squire

Maybe it was just the post-game celebration. Maybe the buzz from the best Super Bowl ever going in the Steelers' favor.

I like to think it was the conclusive evidence provided by instant replay, but maybe that wasn't the case.

I never once thought Santonio Holmes failed to get both feet down, in bounds, with possession of the ball, 35 ticks left on the clock, in Super Bowl XLIII.

Perhaps Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt was just being comical, but he said in NFL Network's Greatest Games presentation of Super Bowl XLIII, which aired in replay form Monday, he "never saw (Holmes') second foot come down.

If that's true, Whisenhunt missed one of the greatest catches in NFL history. How is it even disputable?

A few readers in Arizona commented to that question in our Open Thread Monday night, saying Cardinals fans actually dispute Holmes' second foot being down, which is preposterous.

That's how you be great. Holmes was great that night. So was quarterback Ben Roethlisberger - save one pick. James Harrison was great that night - how many times can a team boast two of its greatest plays in franchise history came in the same game? Or three in the same playoffs? Harrison's touchdown, Holmes' touchdown, Polamalu's interception return and the Immaculate Reception.

I was with a few friends this weekend watching some minor league baseball in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and the conversation inevitably got around to the Steelers vs. Vikings game coming in Week 4. Naturally, there's some trash talk involved, and at one point, I was asked the last time the Steelers won a playoff game. I said in 2010, when they went to the Super Bowl by winning the conference championship game - which naturally led to me asking them the last time the Vikings won that game.

One's response was "yeah, just like a Packers fan, always living in the past."

Frankly, after Super Bowl XLIII, it's really hard to complain about anything. We are a spoiled fan base.

I'll probably complain anyway, but what a game.