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Steelers training camp talkers: Dwyer vs. Redman, one may get cut

It wouldn't be a surprise if either Jonathan Dwyer or Isaac Redman find themselves visiting with The Turk this training camp. In that case, which would the Steelers keep and which would they cut?

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE
It never seemed like too far-fetched an idea.

Teams release the previous season’s rushing leader fairly often nowadays. Right?

Jonathan Dwyer’s 623 rushing yards led the Steelers last year, giving him the dubious honor of being the lowest team rushing leader in over 20 years. Reports have indicated he’s in better condition heading into this training camp, and perhaps that commitment to fitness and conditioning will help him out-run Isaac Redman for a role on this year’s team.

He who runs fastest and longest is the most likely to win. He who doesn’t is likely to be cut.

Both Redman and Dwyer were impressive at times last year. Both looked lost, confused, weak and slow at other times last year. Both are being paid approximately $1.323 million this year, and neither of those salaries would stay on the cap if either was released before Week 1. So with the selection of Le’Veon Bell in the second round of April’s draft, and the signing of LaRod Stephens-Howling just a few hours prior to that pick, wouldn’t the salary of Dwyer or Redman simply be considered a cash-back rebate on the free agent signing, or the rookie contract worth roughly as much?

There’s only one ball on the field, and it doesn’t appear the team would need three feature kinds of backs to go along with the complimentary Stephens-Howling. If that’s the case, outside of pass protection – an area in which Dwyer and Redman both stand out – which one has a trait that will differentiate him from the other?

Simply put, if only one of them will make this team, who will it be?