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Breaston to Steelers looking unlikely as WR schedules visit with Lions

What was once deemed a sure thing by John Clayton of ESPN fame is now looking like a rusty pipe dream with the veteran receiver being one of several expected to try and fill the void in Detroit left by Titus Young.

Christian Petersen

If the Pittsburgh Steelers really were planning on signing veteran wide receiver Steve Breaston, they need to move fast; because he's headed to a workout with the Detroit Lions, according to Jason La Canfora.

Before the draft, ESPN's John Clayton boldly proclaimed the Steelers were 'expected' to sign Breaston who had played under offensive coordinator Todd Haley for both the Arizona Cardinals and the Kansas City Chiefs. Clayton expected the team to sign him after June 1 when the salary cap savings from the release of Willie Colon would finally be counted toward their team cap figure.

Granted, working out for a team does not necessarily guarantee one a contract or roster spot, but this scheduled workout with the Lions is more effort than the Steelers have put into signing him after the drafting of both Markus Wheaton and Justin Brown left little need for another receiver with Plaxico Burress and Jerricho Cotchery already under contract.

Perhaps the Steelers organization was unhappy with the health of his knees or couldn't come to an agreement on contract terms. Either way, the odds of Breaston reuniting with Haley for a third time are slimmer than ever.

The Lions on the other hand are still trying to build an offense around Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson. Not only has the team parted ways with running back Jahvid Best, but also beleaguered wide receiver Titus Young. With Johnson consuming a large portion of defensive attention on a weekly basis, the team could use some veteran experience to find holes in remaining coverages.

Once the results of this scheduled workout have been reported, Steelers fans may have a better understanding why their team tried to make a liar out of Mr. Clayton.

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