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Final thoughts on The Renegade, and the start of the Steelers 2013 season

One chapter ends, another starts immediately. Goodbye, 2013 Renegade, hello 2013 season.

Ronald Martinez

Ya know that feeling you get after you finally complete a project, and you can sit back, exhale and just think to yourself, "ahhh....It's finally over?"

I feel the exact opposite of that right now.

That's not a negative thing. My hands hurt and I am ready to destroy the next hack who tells me I don't have the "credentials" to inform him the Steelers were a .500 team in 2006. But I don't feel like exhaling and relaxing.

The Renegade may be complete, but the season just started.

We did features on David DeCastro, Markus Wheaton, Le'Veon Bell and Jason Worilds. We did a cover story on the Steelers' offensive line (right before Marcus Gilbert hit the deck after his conditioning test).

We crowned the first ever repeat champion in the Jersey Rules as well as made the first-ever dual championship year. We give snippet previews on all 16 games, and break down every position. We gave some humor, some insight, a few mistakes here and there and shared a first-person anecdote.

I think it was, all in all, fairly successful, and I thank you all for reading.

Next year...a movie? No, Mitch Hurwitz, but...a magazine is not out of the question.

As for now, I'm going to get a beer. Rest assured, BTSC Nation, I'll be back at it in the morning, with the return of the excellent BTSC staff, Ivan Cole, Tony Defeo (Germans love him), Rebecca Rollett, Steel City Roller, PaVaSteeler and Paper Champions.


Check out The Renegade in its entirety right here