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Questions regarding Polamalu's future in Pittsburgh are out there

Considering the structure of Troy Polamalu's 2014 contract, his performance this year likely will determine whether this is Polamalu's last training camp with the Steelers.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

CBS Sports reporter Jason La Canfora isn't predicting a Black and Gold future for Steelers safety Troy Polamalu.

Appearing on 93.7 The Fan Sunday, La Canfora suggested the combination of age, a lack of health and a large contract put Polamalu in the same position as James Harrison was last season.

"Without a restructure, it will be difficult to see him in Pittsburgh (after this year)," La Canfora said.

In large order, Polamalu's extension, signed in 2011, was written up to force both sides to come back to the table in 2014. Due to the size of his base salary of $8.25 million and a relatively low pro rated bonus amount, he has a big cap number ($10.8 million) but a relatively low dead money amount ($2.6 million). That means the team wouldn't suffer tremendously for flat-out releasing him, and would stand to save a huge amount against the cap.

But, just like they did with Harrison, they're in position to offer something of a reduced contract, provided Polamalu doesn't return to form this year.

In the end, there just may not be anything either side can do about it.

"Because of health and other things, he simply hasn't lived up to that contract, La Canfora said. "The cap is not increasing."

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