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Training Camp Recap Day 3: One session only on Sunday

A dull day in terms of news only builds anticipation for first contact of the season.

Justin K. Aller

It wasn't a particularly newsworthy single practice, but the Steelers managed to beat the weather again and get in a good amount of work.

But as Steelers coach Mike Tomlin would say, it's football in shorts.

The roster won't be decided based on shorts-only workouts, and while it seems curious then why they'd have semi-live playing scenarios at all (as opposed to simply running conditioning drills), the reps all players can receive have to be good for something.

Steelers linebacker Larry Foote summarized it well to the Steelers' web site Sunday.

Without pads it’s like two different sports. It really is two different sports. We do a lot of lineman stuff, running plays, but when you put the pads on…it’s football.” So padless Sunday turns into padded Monday with the team ready to begin hitting.

And it isn't just the defensive players looking forward to it.

Steelers veteran wide receiver Plaxico Burress, who's said to be in outstanding shape, mentioned his affinity for contact. “Pads are always good,” Burress told the team's web site. “It separates the men from the boys. It’s exciting to see what some of them can go out and do, it’s a treat to see them put the pads on, be excited and go out and do what they were brought here to do.”