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Le'Veon Bell impressive in Wednesday's practice

It appears running back Le'Veon Bell may have the early upper hand in the battle for the Steelers' starting running back position after an impressive practice Wednesday.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

If the Hype Machine wasn't already working hard for Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell, it's going to be working overtime for a while after Bell's performance in training camp today.

Bell stood out considerably over rival Jonathan Dwyer (who was reportedly stacked up twice on two outside zone runs), in wake of what some said was an impressive performance in the team's first full-contact practice Tuesday.

Regardless of what the team may want to do in terms of running power, if Bell can run with a moving wall in front of him, and he can make cuts and get upfield, the Steelers will run outside zone. The real question is whether Dwyer or Isaac Redman can show the ability to run outside, and/or be the complimentary power back. Through just a few practices, nothing can be confirmed, but positive reviews like Kaboly's of a rookie is certainly appealing.

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