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Steelers rookie Jarvis Jones can learn plenty from veteran Lawrence Timmons

Not long ago, Timmons was a rookie buried behind entrenched starters. Today he's passing along what he has learned about climbing the ladder to a rookie in the same situation.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

The student has become the teacher for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Lawrence Timmons is showing rookie Jarvis Jones the ropes about earning starting jobs in the NFL at outside linebacker.

Timmons shared the advice he's been giving to Jarvis Jones with Trib Total Media's Alan Robinson.

"Definitely make yourself stand out. Be a good rusher and cover well in coverage against the tight ends, who he's going to play a lot against. Just be a student of the game. Follow the playbook, look at film, always be in line to gather information. If he does all of those things, he'll be fine."

The young Jones should heed his elder's words. Timmons knows exactly what will be expected of Jones in coordinator Dick LeBeau's 3-4 defense. He has spent a lot of time spelling an injured James Harrison in years past on the right side of the defensive front.

Timmons also understands how it feels to be the young guy virtually cemented behind veteran starters. Timmons was forced to wait behind James Farrior and Larry Foote, until Foote left for the Detroit Lions in free-agency only to return later.

His advice to the rookie is sound, if not a bit basic at first glance. However, the underlying tone resonates loud and clear. Focus on the fundamentals. Know your responsibilities. Work hard.

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