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Happy Fourth of July, pre-fireworks with NFL Network's America's Game series

Highlighting the Steelers Super Bowl championship seasons is a walk to a completely different era. And it's phenomenal.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Good afternoon and evening to everyone on this glorious Independence Day.

We here at Behind The Steel Curtain are celebrating this day and the midpoint of summer (or at least the best holiday of the summer), and that means we're reflecting on gridiron glory from the six-time Super Bowl champions.

For those counting at home, that's one more than the 49ers, and six more than Colin Kaepernick (Spiffy want a cracker?).

NFL Network is airing their America's Game series, and at the time of publication, we're on Super Bowl No. 3 - the 1978 season. While we're waiting for the grill to get hot, and watching Mean Josie Greene crawl for the first time (and cheer for her namesake, no I'm not making that up), and keeping an eye on the award-winning documentary on the league's Super Bowl champions.

The montage of defensive plays starting off the 1978 Steelers' episode is perhaps the coolest thing I've ever seen.

Helmet-to-helmet hits, taunting, and one hit by Mel Blount so savage a guy's chinstrap flew across the field.


Weigh in with your comments, particularly if you lived during this era, because I'm tempted to whip out the BTSC Corporate Card and buy DVDs of every game from the 1970s because this is just phenomenal.