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Matt Hasselbeck wants to win a Super Bowl on a Steelers-like Colts team

It's ironic that Colts quarterback Matt Hasselbeck signed to back up Andrew Luck in order to win a Super Bowl, when he accused the Steelers of only winning by luck in Super Bowl XL. What's more intriguing, though, is how similar the Colts were in 2012 to the 2011 Steelers.

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This isn't worth much as far as news goes, but it's interesting how veteran quarterback Matt Hasselbeck signed with the Indianapolis Colts as a back-up this off-season because, as he told the Indy Star in Sunday's edition, it gave him the best chance of winning the Super Bowl.

The Colts' ability to do this may not be seen early this season as a likely bet, but for Hasselbeck, the starting quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XL, it may be his last chance to get that ring.

A ring he didn't win then thanks in part to the officials, in his words.

How ironic that he felt he lost due to luck then, and signed to back up Luck now in order to win a title.

Maybe it's not all that interesting, but the Colts are definitely an interesting team. With no connection at all now to former offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, the Colts were the 2012 version of the 2011 Steelers. A team that pulled out close games behind a solid defense that lacked the ability to make big plays. The Colts had 12 interceptions in 2012, to the Steelers' 10 in 2011. The Colts had 32 sacks in 2012 compared to the Steelers' 35 in 2011.

Perhaps that's not enough to suggest these two franchises are on some kind of bizarre shared timeline, but for Hasselbeck's sake - as well as Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger's - his team better make more plays on defense if he wants to think Super Bowl.