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Browns send jersey, not pall bearers, to widow

The Cleveland Browns could have handled the attention-grabbing request of Scott Entsminger with far less class, and they could have simply ignored it. They did the right thing in sending his widow a jersey of Lou Groza, Entsminger’s favorite player, as reported by Pro Football Talk.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

A memorable story broke out of Columbus Monday about a life-long Cleveland Browns fan requesting, perhaps facetiously, Browns players be the pall bearers at his funeral "so they can let me down one more time."

Scott Entsminger, 55, died July 4, and while the Browns did not send six representatives to his funeral, the team did organize and deliver a Lou Groza jersey - Entsminger's favorite player - to his wife, according to Pro Football Talk.

PFT confirmed they were contacted by Browns spokesman Zak Gilbert with the details.

While it's a good laugh for everyone except the Browns, respect has to be given to the Browns for responding to the story and extending their condolences in a very classy way. They could have chosen to ignore it and looked even worse, but ultimately, they did the right thing.

They may receive criticism also for reaching out to PFT to notify one of the most widely read sources of football news available, it's not a move one takes to save face, it's simply to show they heard about the story and they felt compelled to act.

It's unlikely they'll respond to legions of fans who still may be upset over the same things that created Entsminger's legendary farewell, but it's a good start.

Winning would also be recommended.