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Former Steelers Joey Porter accepts coaching internship at Colorado State University

Porter returns to his alma mater to further his education not only in the classroom, but on the football field as well.

Jeff Gross

Colorado State University head coach Jim McElwain has opened the door for former Pittsburgh Steelers great Joey Porter to return to school and further his education. Porter accepted the invitation and will not only finish earning his degree, but he will be taking on some extra-curricular activities on the side.

As captured by by Matt L. Stephens of The Coloradoan:

Porter, who played for Colorado State University from 1995-98, was 18 credits shy of graduating following his senior season, but as he prepared for the 99 NFL Draft, his focus on studies took a secondary role to what everyone knew would be an impressive professional career.

The majority of his impressive professional career took place in Pittsburgh, playing eight season for the Steelers who drafted him in the third round. Porter would eventually become the voice of the team's defense. His passion well never ran dry. He didn't know how to quit. He was willing to fight his way to the top, even if he had to carry his team every step of the way.

Who ride? WE ride!

Porter talked to The Coloradoan about what the opportunity meant to him.

"My last semester was a hectic semester because I had Senior Bowls, I had to go down to the combine. The last semester, I focused on getting ready to be a professional football player, so some of those classes I never really finished. Getting my degree is the biggest thing. It’s good for me to have, it’s good for me to stress to my kids. I went to college, but didn’t graduate. Now I can finish my whole story."

"What I’m really back for is to work on my degree. To be able to work with the football is an extra gift that Coach Mac gave to me."

Porter hasn't been near football since he retired from the NFL in 2011. His only coaching experience comes from his son's little league baseball team. No specific role has been chosen yet for Porter, who says he is anxious to do whatever will benefit the team. Porter will be learning how to be a coach, while passing on intangibles to the players like tricks of the trade or self-motivation. Nobody ever had to fire up Joey Porter.

Porter will finally be able to focus on his degree without football being a distraction as it was 14 years ago. Now, football is all about education.

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