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Steelers Day 6 training camp practice open thread

There have been a few newsmakers in the team's first week of practice, but Le'Veon Bell is the clubhouse leader after just a few sessions. LaMarr Woodley's comments today put him in the running for the day's crown.


Le'Veon Bell walked away holding all the unofficial Camp Hero award for the day.

Will he be wrested from his throne by today's biggest challenger, outside linebacker LaMarr Woodley, who, possibly for the first time in 20 months, is drawing positive praise from fans and media types?

It remains to be seen, but our ability to drum up drama is second-to-none.

Admit it, that's why you come here.

Steelers Day 6 Open Thread

Hey Ra'Shon, umadbro?

Even Pouncey got a few punt return reps.

Finally, Plaxico Burress and Jerricho Cotchery have some real veteran competition.

Sorry, ladies. Mr. Hochuli had a previous engagement.

Probably out tomorrow, too, at this point.

Need to sharpen the blade if you want it to do any damage.

I'm sure he's one proud papa.

These young men are not going out without a fight.

And now for something you'll really like.

Interesting pairing after Woodley's dissent over pass coverage.

Let the Moans ensue.

How peculiar. Coincidence?

Attention, NFL. You have been warned.

More good new from Labriola. Nice to hear something positive about Golden and DCS.

ICYMI Today on BTSC: