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Steelers vs. Giants: Broadcast information and online stream

The Steelers will host the New York Giants in NFL preseason action at 7:30 p.m. ET Saturday from Heinz Field. The game will be shown on NFL Network, and is available through NFL Rewind.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Out of market fans can watch the Giants at Steelers game Saturday via NFL Network, or through the NFL's Preseason Live package. It allows fans to purchase access to all four Steelers' preseason games for $19.99.

This is ideal if you have somewhere to be tonight - like, say, your brother's band's show in St. Paul - and may have to miss the first portion of the game.

What's great, though, is when I'm barking out commands later tonight to Thirty Four and Paper Champions on which plays we should break down (look for that Sunday and Monday), or convincing PaVa to write a Fantasy piece, or maybe just something on Todd Haley, I know we can all go back into Preseason Live and watch the games again without having to wait a few days for NFL Network to air the replay.

This isn't a plug for NFL Network or anything, just as an out-of-market fan who watches games more than once, it's a nice feature to have.

The Steelers will play the Redskins Aug. 19, and that game will be on ESPN's Monday Night Football. Their final two preseason games, vs. Kansas City Aug. 24 and at Carolina Aug. 29, won't be nationally televised, so the best way to watch it would be through Preseason Live.

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