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Mike Tomlin loves him some hambone

What NFL players are really saying on the sidelines and during games, from the opinion of a bad lip reader.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a little something to help tide you over until the Giants and Steelers kick off their preseason schedules tonight at 7:30 pm ET.

This is too funny. From Tomlin's hambone to Harbaugh's love for cake, this is great.

Evidently Tom Brady is proud of himself for finding Fido, and Pete Carroll demonstrates the proper etiquette for coaching from the sidelines. Adrian Peterson shares his nutritional plan which allowed him to recover from a torn ACL injury.

We finally find out what they've been putting in the water in New England. It certainly wasn't the secret ingredient I would've expected. Turns out Peyton Manning is the one toting magic potions.

Aaron Rodgers will defend a man for owning a frisbee, and Wade Phillips accentuates his lovely lady parts, but manholes and heroin are not allowed. But, do you know what are allowed? Orange peanuts. Those are ground for immediate acceptance, as opposed to bean bag furniture.

Obviously you have to watch the clip for this to make sense, but it is so worth it.

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