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Mike Tomlin puts preseason loss to Giants on 'Steelers beating Steelers'

Tomlin was not impressed with his team as a whole, but did approve of the efforts of some; but in the end, he knows his team beat itself more than it lost to another team.

Justin K. Aller

Head coach Mike Tomlin knows who beat the Pittsburgh Steelers on Saturday night. No, it wasn't the New York Giants. It was the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In his post-game press conference, Tomlin pointed toward 'errors' as the kryptonite which crippled the preseason men of steel. He was very specific toward the blocked punt - the result of poor blocking. He also mentioned players over-asserting themselves trying to get noticed - like J.D. Woods bringing out a kick-off from nine yards deep in his own endzone, despite the disapproval of David Gilreath -- not that Gilreath was without a few errors of his own on the evening. Jason Worilds even managed to wind up in Tomlin's doghouse after recording two sacks, because he also recorded two personal foul penalties negating his efforts with first downs.

Woods had the good fortune to pull in some quality catches in the team's final drive, which QB John Parker Wilson started 4 of 4 for 35 yards; but a lack of offensive line depth allowed the Giants to sack the Steelers into submission.

It may be just the preseason, but Tomlin realizes the team has some work to do. He mentioned his usual deflection of 'August football', and how the loss went beyond football in shorts irrelevance.

Pittsburgh will get back to the lab when they return to Latrobe, Pa for the next week of training camp.

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