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BTSC Yahoo! Fantasy Football League is open for members

Join Behind The Steel Curtain's 2013 Fantasy Football League, sponsored by Yahoo! Fantasy Sports.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

With one preseason game down, the season is starting to turn into reality for us at Behind The Steel Curtain. Since we spend probably far too much time reading and discussing this team, sometimes we need to take a step back and recognize the rituals of today's NFL mega-fan.

The biggest ritual is, of course, Fantasy Football.

Today, Behind The Steel Curtain, in partnership with Yahoo! Fantasy Sports, has launched its league.

The first 10 people to email my official Yahoo! Fantasy Sports email account requesting a spot will be permitted under the following conditions.

  • You are able to participate in a live draft beginning at 7:30 p.m. ET Thursday, Aug. 29 - during the Steelers' final preseason game against the Carolina Panthers. If someone else can draft for you, that's fine, but please plan to be there for the entire draft.
  • You plan to participate for the entire season. While we won't be playing for money, we do plan to highlight the league with running feature stories on the site, so we want full participation.
These are subject to additions based on things I may have forgotten. For now, though, let's proceed with this, and see what happens.

For entry in the league, email - this is currently restricted to the first 10 people, but we will open spin-off leagues as the demand mandates.

Behind The Steel Curtain, Yahoo! Fantasy Sports and SB Nation thank you for your support!