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Still haven't found what Steelers are looking for at offensive tackle

Or, if they've found it, it gets injured shortly afterward, leading to a free agent signing that doesn't appear to be above grade. The Steelers may have to dip back into the free agent market to find another offensive tackle.


Whatever the final determining factor was when the Steelers signed offensive tackle D'Anthony Batiste, it would seem like a fair assumption it was the reason the Steelers chose Batiste over another as-of-now unnamed free agent bookend blocker.

With the injury to Justin Cheadle in practice Monday, the Steelers may end up taking whomever they passed over for Batiste anyway.

Help is still needed at offensive tackle.

Tribune Review reporter Mark Kaboly wrote on the topic Tuesday, pointing out Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley mentioned a possible need to bring in another player.

"It's still early, but that's something we've got to get done," Haley told Kaboly. "We've got to develop the young guys on the roster. Whether it comes from within or outside, we've got to be sure we're solidified by the time we get to Week 1."

The solidity the Steelers currently have includes Kelvin Beachum as a utility back-up. That's about it. It's not as if either Batiste or veteran Guy Whimper - brought in for depth, if not to act as a lead pony against the younger tackles on this roster - have been overly impressive to this point in their Steelers' careers.

It's still a wide open training camp, to put it mildly, and with two significant preseason games remaining (the fourth usually isn't anything of importance), one Monday against Washington and one Aug. 24 vs. Kansas City, the Steelers will hope a tackle stands out enough to be considered a back-up.

If not, maybe they'll dip back into the Batiste/Whimper well.

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