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Steelers credited with fifth 'most-engaged' fan base

SteelerNation is one of the most noticeable fan bases in the NFL, as every game both home and away find stands full of Terrible Towel wielding faithful; but by the numbers, Steelers fans are not the No. 1 NFL fan base.

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Karl Walter

The Pittsburgh Steelers notoriously travel well, as they continue to fill up opponents stadiums with Terrible Towels and black and gold jerseys; however, according to, their fans are only the fifth-most engaged.

Ticket City used several metrics to compile their overall rankings. Average total attendance for all games are figured in, although average home game attendance carries more weight. Ticket prices are figured in as well for all games, with home games worth more, in the same manner as attendance. Also included are percentage of stadium capacity sold, plus social media followers on Facebook and Twitter.

In their overall rankings, the Steelers came in fifth behind the Dallas Cowboys (1), New England Patriots (2), Green Bay Packers (3), and New York Giants (4). Pittsburgh also ranked in the top-five in individual categories: Average Median Home Ticket Price (5th, $199), Average Ticket Price All Games (2nd, $196), Most Facebook Likes (2nd, 4,901,523) and Most Twitter Followers (4th, 563,147)

Obviously, the amount of money paid for one's ticket in no way represents the individual's passion, loyalty and faith in the football team they root for; neither do social media census counts.

This was Ticket City's first such annual ranking. Pittsburgh fans do not like finishing anywhere but in first place. Making a run for another Super Bowl would more-than-engage Steelers fans worldwide, most likely skewing next year's ranking.

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