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Steelers are 14th most valuable NFL franchise according to Forbes

While Steelers fans may hold their favorite football team in higher esteem than material possessions and even the occasional family member, Forbes lists the team in the middle of the pack.

Jared Wickerham

While some Seattle Seahawks fans still hold a grudge over Super Bowl XL from the 2005 season, they just lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers again in 2013 on Forbes list of most valuable NFL franchises.

The Seahawks ranked 15th, but the Steelers edged them out for 14th on the list.

According to Forbes, the Steelers are worth $1.118 billion, drawing revenue of $266 million in 2012 with an operating income of $28.3 million.

The Dallas Cowboys came in first on yet another list which has nothing to do with season outcomes or championships. The Cowboys are worth $2.3 billion, drawing $539 million in revenue with an operating income of $250.7 million.

The New England Patriots came in second. The Washington Redskins owned third place. The New York Giants hold fourth, and the Houston Texans round out the top-five. The Super Bowl champions and AFC North division rival Baltimore Ravens took ninth place in the ranking.

Further proving fiscal worth has little to do with football success, the New York Jets were the sixth most valuable franchise, per Forbes.

While the Steelers landed in the middle of the pack, Forbes does point out the Steelers had more fans show up to the team's away games than any other franchise in the league; further proving the black and gold are worth more to their fans than all the gold in Ft. Knox, or at least some of it.

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