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Thursday Night Football Open Thread

Discuss the Thursday night preseason games with the rest of SteelerNation

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Since other sites around SBN are doing the same thing tonight, watching their teams play, I figured I'd throw up an open thread to give anyone else who's watch games the chance to tell the rest of us what's going on.

Amid a home remodeling project here at BTSC HQ, and the TV isn't currently hooked up. I'm lounging around with a beer in a post-lawnmowing haze wondering if this stuff I'm hearing about Brandon Weeden is true; he's completed more passes than not, and he has a touchdown without an interception.

Weird things this year.

Atlanta is on top of Baltimore and some other teams are playing, so let us all know what's going on as we try to recover from UnhealThursday here in SteelerNation.

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