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Steelers Injury Report: Day of Reckoning for running backs shifts depth chart again

The injuries of Le'Veon Bell and Isaac Redman were laced in remnants of 2012 in terms of finding enough healthy bodies to finish out the preseason. Neither of their injuries are thought to be significant, but it's possible they miss some time.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

The Steelers did their best cover of Drowning Pool's "Bodies" Thursday.

"Let the bodies hit the floor/Let the bodies hit the floor/Let the bodies hit the floor/Let the bodies hit the....FLOOR!"

Isaac Redman was Stanley to Larry Foote's Deebo, taking a savage hit that left him unconscious. Le'Veon Bell "re-aggravated" his injured knee, putting his status for Monday's game against the Washington Redskins in peril. Jarvis Jones tweaked a groin, and the Steelers makeshift infirmary unit looks nearly as full as it did last season - when, incidentally, they had fewer full contact practices.

Training camp is almost over, and that has to be a welcomed site for the players. Outside of sticking the rest of them in a plastic bubble for the hours that exist before and immediately following games, it seems once again, the Steelers will just have to find the best and most healthy players to field for a game in the near future.

Bell and Redman, the co-starters at running back, would likely give way to Jonathan Dwyer and LaRod Stephens-Howling for a second consecutive game. Redman took the team's first carry (a five-yard gain) and Stephens-Howling led the team in rushing in the Steelers' 18-13 loss to the Giants.

Jones' absence might give way to Adrian Robinson getting some more time above the third team.

The status of the injured players will continue to be evaluated, and none have been ruled out for Monday's game against Washington.

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