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Ike Taylor says Steelers rookie WR Markus Wheaton 'looks like a veteran'

High praise given from Taylor, the 10-year veteran, on Wheaton, the rookie who's a rookie in experience only.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor knows both rookies and wide receivers. He's been in the NFL for 10 years, covering wide receivers who have been in the league and have never stepped foot on a field as a professional.

He spoke glowingly of Steelers rookie WR Markus Wheaton, as quoted by the Tribune Review.

"He's not playing like a rookie, he doesn't act like a rookie," Taylor said. "Of course, he's going to make rookie mistakes because he is a rookie,but watching him over the course of weeks, the guy is smart, polished. I can't wait to see him during the season."

Rookies can't get compliments much better than "you don't look like a rookie." The fact Wheaton is making an impression on a 10-year veteran speaks volumes to the future of the Steelers' wide receiver position. There have been numerous reports of Wheaton staying after practice to work on some area of his game, which suggests he has the determination and the energy to continue working and improving.

We were plenty excited for Wheaton - perhaps too much so - but he's quickly becoming a fan favorite in Pittsburgh. So long as he doesn't roll into the legs of his teammates on special teams, we'll echo Taylor's thoughts.

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