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Kelvin Beachum, the Steelers Swiss Army Knife, to take second-team reps at center

Beachum will get snaps at center in the Steelers' second preseason game, Monday at the Redskins.


Whether it's right tackle or guard or center, Steelers offensive lineman Kelvin Beachum is accepting his role as the versatile roster space-saving utility resource for the team.

It saves a team money when one offensive lineman is talented - and intelligent - enough to learn three roles. Instead of using three players, they can use two, or even one. Beachum will get the nod to handle the team's center duties when Maurkice Pouncey and presumably the first team offense leaves the field against Washington Monday.

John Malecki handled that role in the Steelers' preseason loss to the Giants. Beachum will get his shot now.

While there's little chance of Beachum getting cut from this team, he's fortunate to be the main component of the game of Roulette the Steelers are playing with their offensive linemen. He has a spot, and his spot is everywhere.

That kind of versatility is exactly what the Steelers need, as it appears they will put one of their more shallow offensive line units on the roster in a while. Outside of the five starters, depth is still a concern, but Beachum is closer to the starting five than he is last on the list. The fact he has an opportunity to take live snaps at center shows the amount of belief the team has in him.

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