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Ramon Foster not into training camp scrimmages

Tom Brady's apparent injury nearly caused pre-emptive coverage around the nation. The idea of scrimmaging against another team, and possibly facing what the Buccaneers nearly did to Brady, makes Steelers guard Ramon Foster uncomfortable. Then Larry Foote knocked out Isaac Redman.

Karl Walter

While Steelers left guard Ramon Foster watches linebackers on his own team knock running backs unconscious, he takes note of the mishap in the Patriots and Buccaneers semi-live scrimmage, in which Bucs OLB Adrian Clayborne pushed OT Nate Solder into the leg of quarterback Tom Brady.

The world stood still, anxiously waiting on news regarding Brady's leg.

It turns out, he's fine.

That got Foster thinking, though. The idea of reckless opponents with ill-intentions doesn't make Foster comfortable. During his interview with the Tribune Review, it was almost as if you could hear running back Isaac Redman getting crushed by linebacker Larry Foote in the background. Redman didn't return to practice, and possibly due to the fact his sweat doesn't enable the blind to see the way Brady's does, no one mentioned anything about Foote knocking him unconscious.

How much Foote was reprimanded for the hit is neither here nor there, but players going live in training camp is going to result in injuries eventually. Clayborne is paid to get to the quarterback, and his purpose in the drill is not to ensure Brady's safety. Foote's purpose was to play the game of football, and while he certainly didn't intend to knock Redman out of his mind, he planned to hit him the way Redman will be hit during the season.

Maybe this is crazy to say, but really, maybe there's just too much of an emphasis on the overall life and times of quarterbacks in the NFL.

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