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Report says Heath Miller may miss first month of season

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The status on Heath Miller is opinion-turned-belief after one report said he "probably" will miss a month. That turned into "he will miss a month." Either way, if it turns out to be true, the Steelers have to find a better in-line blocker.

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Tribune Review reporter Alan Robinson wrote in a column Saturday:

"Tight end: Heath Miller probably won't be back at least for the first month of the season and perhaps longer."

That naturally turned into:

According to a report from Alan Robinson of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Miller will miss at least the first month of the regular season and perhaps longer as he tries to get himself into game shape after such a long time on the sideline.

Irresponsibility is one thing; it's not blatant disregard of the truth. But stupidity is another. The word "probably" is in there for a reason. Perhaps Mr. Alper of Pro Football Talk doesn't understand what that word means. Moving past it, the possibility of Miller not coming back for the first month of the season is troubling, but not surprising.

Putting our opinion hats on here (lest key words be intentionally ignored), David Paulson is not strong enough of an in-line blocker to be counted on to do what the Steelers expect from their tight ends.

They'll be keenly interested in veteran tight ends either released from another team or currently on waivers - if the most recent opinion report-turned-fact turns out to be accurate.

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