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Around the League staff picks the Steelers to win the AFC north

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In a change of tune from the wave of prognosticating pundits in the media who have pretty much written the Steelers off for 2013, some writers still think the Steelers have it.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

As the 2013 season approaches, analysts, anchors and writers for sports news media outlets have been predicting with fair consistency that the Pittsburgh Steelers will not finish as one of the top two teams in the AFC north for the year. After an 8-8 season and losing two former pro bowl players in Mike Wallace and James Harrison, Pittsburgh has been pretty much written off for 2013 by many contributors to the mainstream sports media.

However in a recent article, a majority of writers for' s "around the league" predict the Steelers to finish atop the AFC north. In a piece authored by Gregg Rosenthal, three of four contributors each picked Pittsburgh to finish first in the division. Rosenthal has the highest record predicted for the team at 12-4, and supports his stance with simple reasoning.

He sees Ben Roethlisberger as the best quarterback in the division, cites a majority of Pittsburgh's losses in 2012 as close losses they could have won and he knows the Steelers have not been a team to stay out of contention for an extended period of time.

Not that the opinions of writers determine wins and losses for the Steelers, but it's interesting to see a splash of difference in the sea of opinions about the AFC north for 2013 in the mainstream media vine.  Many fans and supporters of the Steelers, as well as unbiased onlookers of the NFL, recognize Pittsburgh's knack for staying in the competition over the years. It is only reasonable that some prognosticators would expect more of the Steelers than the third place predictions that seem to have taken hold in the media as the 2013 season approaches.