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Steelers roster bubble: battle between Drew Butler and Brian Moorman could be best on team

Drew Butler didn't have an outstanding 2012 season, so the Steelers brought Brian Moorman in. Moorman was expected to walk away with the job, but Butler is making it more competitive than initially thought.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The axiom goes that competition brings out the best in everyone.

What was thought to be a one-sided battle for the Steelers punting duties in 2013 - in favor of newly acquired Brian Moorman over incumbent Drew Butler - has turned much more competitive than previously anticipated.

It could go down to the final preseason game as well.

Punting is a fickle thing, though, and contracts often have a huge say over the final outcome. Moorman has the bigger contract, and if Butler can show he can match him, kick for kick, it makes more financial sense to keep Butler.

They gave Moorman the veteran contract for a reason, though. If the team was inspired by Butler's mediocre performances last season, they wouldn't have brought in a more expensive veteran to compete with him in this training camp.

Moorman put one of his four punts inside the 20 against the Giants, while Butler, on two punts, banged a 55-yarder but took the block by Giants LB Damontre Moore (not Butler's fault at all). Moorman put one 59 yards. Both were good punts.

Only one will make the team, obviously, and with a rather poor performance all around from the special teams, they were the two reasonably decent contributors in the first game.

How they'll fare against Washington Monday could go far enough to determine the winner.

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