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Winners and Losers from the Steelers loss to the Washington Redskins

Kudos to two Steelers rookies, a negative for another one after the Steelers' 24-13 loss to Washington Monday.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

LaMarr Woodley - He gave right tackle Tyler Polumbus more than he could handle. Woodley had a sack and drew a blatant hold, along with a slew of pressure.

Shamarko Thomas - Rewind his hit on Redskins running back Chris Thompson and turn up the sound. Not too loud, though. You might wake the dead. If the Steelers wanted to force turnovers, this is one way to accomplish that.

Jarvis Jones - (no relation to Landry Jones) He owned the edge on tight end Fred Miller in his first series, and showed some nice explosion getting off the snap and into quarterback Rex Grossman, forcing a fumble.

Emmanuel Sanders - Made two great catches, showed outstanding body control even when Bruce Gradkowski passes seemed to be intended for the fourth row.

Landry Jones - (no relation to Jarvis Jones) Led the Steelers to their first offensive scoring drive of the preseason. Capped it off with a nice read and throw to Derek Moye, but a great deep throw to rookie WR Markus Wheaton stood out. We'll ignore the six straight incompletions followed by a delay of game penalty, because he managed to do what no other Steelers QB has done in 2013 - generate a touchdown.

Jonathan Dwyer - The fumble bumped him off this list, but he made some great runs early in the second half. Plus, it's hard to find another offensive player.


Le'Veon Bell - Given his debut status and the fact it's a preseason game, perhaps some of it can be forgiven, but Bell looked tentative and slow on the four carries he had before leaving with a foot injury. Perhaps the Steelers will keep Isaac Redman and Jonathan Dwyer after all.

Mike Adams - Perhaps the best explanation is he was hungover. There's no confirmation of that, but Adams looked awful in this game. A failure on multiple levels.

Maurkice Pouncey - That could have been the worst beating he's taken in his pro career. And he only played about 20 snaps.

Marcus Gilbert - As one reader put it, he looked like Humpty Dumpty playing football. Hard to argue.

David Paulson - We can put the argument of whether Paulson can block in-line to rest after that performance. Watch the waiver wire for tight ends this week.

Bruce Gradkowski - Didn't look at all comfortable, hung his receivers out to dry. If Will Johnson is injured for an extended period of time, it will be because of Gradkowski's poor decision.

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