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Steelers William Gay happy to return home and family

After taking a one-year 'vacation', Gay is done taking the heat not only from the Arizona heat but also from his own family. They knew where he belonged, and now he's back home and in their good graces.

Ronald Martinez

Prodigal Son, maybe?

It's not like the possibility of Steelers cornerback William Gay departing for greener shores after the 2011 season was low or anything. The Steelers gave an offer roughly in line with a veteran minimum deal when his rookie contract expired after the Steelers lost to Denver in the opening round of the 2011 Playoffs. He had offers from Tennessee, Pittsburgh, and his eventual rent-a-home team, the Arizona Cardinals.

Now, the Prodigal Son returns from where he came.

His highest value appears to be that of a nickel corner; a defender of the slot. An avid run supporter, but more accomplished at working through smaller spaces against the quicker receivers.

So far in camp, starter Cortez Allen has been on the shelf with a knee injury, and the team has moved Gay outside, but Thursday, they had Curtis Brown working on the outside, with Gay back in the slot. That's both a home-like position of security for Gay as well as a new experience. He's played in the slot in the past but he had responsibilities on the outside. If the Steelers plan to keep him in the slot above all else, perhaps he just found the space that really was home.

The slot area in Pittsburgh, and every other stadium they'll play in this year.

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