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Former high school teammates Chris Hubbard and Jarvis Jones back together with Steelers

Winning a state championship for Carver High School in Columbus, Ga., was just the start of the football careers of Chris Hubbard and Jarvis Jones.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Undrafted free agent offensive guard Chris Hubbard could see his reps increase a little bit in wake of Nik Embernate's injury.

Whether he gets on the field or not, one thing he knows is his high school teammate, Steelers' first round pick Jarvis Jones, will support him.

Mike Vernon wrote a feature in Friday's Post Gazette about Hubbard and Jones, who played together at Carver High School in Columbus, Ga. Hubbard had nothing but good things to say about Jones.

"He always had your back, like a brother," Hubbard told Vernon.

They train them well in Georgia. The pair helped lead Carver to a Georgia state championship their senior year in 2007. Hubbard, the lesser heralded recruit, still landed a Division I offer, playing, and eventually earning All Conference USA honors at the University of Alabama-Birmingham.

He's banging away with the Steelers now, united with Jones, as the two "work their tails off to be everything they can be," he said.

Hubbard joins a particularly noteworthy group of UDFA offensive linemen. Embernate had a shot at making this year's team before the injury, which is expected to cost him this season. Mike Golic Jr has a chance to make it as well. The Steelers have a particularly young starting group of offensive linemen, but with most of them having been drafted so highly, keeping that same group intact over the next few years seems unlikely due to financial reasons. The low-priced utility back-ups will eventually find themselves in an increasingly valuable position.

What that means for Hubbard and his future is unknown, but having the support of a old friend can only help.

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