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Friday night scrimmage open thread

The Steelers are scrimmaging, and we're in front of our computers. Drop on by, let us know your drink of choice and weigh in on the stories of the day.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

While I'm stuck here "enjoying" time at home watching "Ralph S. Mouse" circa 1985 waiting for my cousin to get into town, we can open this up to discussion...and others can tell me what's going on with the scrimmage tonight.

I got a little behind in posting this, but we can still go over the events of the day.

Check out all our stories from the day, and let us know what you're seeing in your world. I'm stuck here with claymation cats and creepy voices. Help a guy out, huh?

How'd I do, Dad?

Guess it was serious.

Why we haven't had many Guy Whimper updates.

Meanwhile, in first place with the Pirates...


ICYMI today on Behind the Steel Curtain: