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Mike Adams, Marcus Gilbert switch sides during Steelers evening practice Friday

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin stresses the need for position flexibility in moving Adams to left tackle, and putting Gilbert back on right side.

Ezra Shaw

With the amount of injuries the Steelers offensive line has had the last few years, it would make sense to simply train all of their linemen to play all five spots.

If that's a bit extreme, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin switched up his tackles Friday during the team's live scrimmage in front of 18,000 fans at St. Vincent College. Mike Adams moved from right tackle to left, and Marcus Gilbert moved back to the right, the position he's played to this point in his pro career.

What was thought to be a position battle between the two for the left tackle spot has largely gone unchallenged until now - and even then, Tomlin quickly quashed any budding controversy.

"We are looking for the very best combination of people, and that might even include within groups," Tomlin told the team's web site after Friday's scrimmage. "Both guys are left tackle capable. Both guys were left tackles in college. We just want to provide an opportunity for those guys to show what they are capable of and find the very best combination. We will continue to do those things, not only with those guys but others."

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