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Steelers Jarvis Jones simply making plays

Through two preseason games, rookie outside linebacker Jarvis Jones has been in on two fumbles - forcing one and recovering another. He just seems to find a way to make plays, regardless of how he looks while he's doing it.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

You've heard That Guy - the one who breathlessly exclaims a player "just makes plays."

That Guy might even work for ESPN or NFL Network. There are plenty of Those Guys within both media outlets. There's nothing really tangible to what they're saying. The idea of "just making plays" is a bit cliche and intangible.

The problem with those kinds of things is you know when you see them.

Steelers outside linebacker Jarvis Jones has been both praised and decried on this site for issues ranging from his weight to his lower body strength to his technique. It didn't seem any of that criticism was unfair or unwarranted.

But through two preseason games, he just simply seems to be making plays.

Jones took over quickly for starter Jason Worilds, and on one of his first plays, a power run right at him, Jones did a nice job gaining the edge on tight end Fred Davis. As the runner came toward him, he remained locked on Davis, not surrendering outside position. He got off the block and eventually, the ball carrier was taken down.

A decent play, certainly one he'll be expected to make, given the opportunity during the regular season.

But it was as if the mundane just doesn't suit Jones. Or the game itself doesn't make him wait long before being in on something big.

Out of nowhere, he goes unblocked, and forces a fumble. He recovered one in the Steelers' first preseason game.

He just makes plays.

It was the lone quality play in a particularly run of snaps at that point in the game. In six plays, there were three turnovers - two by Washington - and quarterback Kirk Cousins was injured. Jones' presence alone doesn't do much, and his technique is commensurate with that of a rookie. But through two preseason games, he's had a hand in more turnovers than Jason Worilds has in his entire career.

This was a team looking for a difference-maker on the defensive side of the ball, and Jones appears to be that - if such a question is answered through preseason play.

It doesn't seem to matter how he's doing it; he's just making plays.

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