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Steelers offense nowhere near ready to start the season

Preseason, postseason or offseason, the Steelers offense looked cartoonish in their effort and performance Monday. They have less than three weeks before the regular season starts, and the Steelers' coaching staff cannot like what it will see in film review today.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Post Gazette reporter Ed Bouchette had the perfect lead for this game:

"It's a good thing the NFL has not yet cut the preseason schedule in half as commissioner Roger Goodell wants because the Steelers, particularly their offense, are nowhere near ready to start the season."

It's a struggle, after watching that, to suggest it's only the preseason, and these games don't matter. It seemed to matter to the Redskins' defense and a front seven that completely abused the Steelers offensive line.

It seemed to matter to Washington's secondary, who tackled well and flew to the ball. Likewise for the Steelers' defense, a unit that, outside of a few gaffes, played very well overall.

Why should the Steelers' offensive performance be marked as trivial? Perhaps it's a comfort thing; Year 2 of Todd Haley's offense started very much the way the first year ended.

Ineffective, sloppy, undisciplined and raw.

Keeping hold on the old standard of establishing the run - the way the Steelers tried in Monday's loss - gets harder every day. Four consecutive carries by highly-touted rookie Le'Veon Bell resulted in nine yards and another injury.

ESPN color commentator Jon Gruden said he reminded him of Eddie George. He wasn't clear if he meant Eddie George today, or back when he was actually playing, because we did not see a running back who appeared to be a solution to any of the problems that plagued the Steelers last year.

This isn't to say the ship can't be righted, but the first action in solving a problem is to admit there is one.

There is a problem in Pittsburgh. The Steelers' offensive performance was well below standard. And for their sake, that standard better not be the standard come Week 1.

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