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Which Chiefs player should Steelers fans want to take right now?

If we were to steal players from the Kansas City Chiefs, which ones would you want to put on the Steelers roster?


One aspect of this job I enjoy is studying the Steelers' next opponent. I like learning about another team and viewing the NFL and the game itself through a different lens.

Something I'd like to try this season is offering the readers a chance to weigh in on the Steelers' next opponent through that same lens. I think one interesting way to do that is to turn into a fascist dictator, and start taking players from other teams and claiming them as our own.

We'll start with this week's opponent, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Which player of theirs would you want to take and place on the Steelers' roster?

For me, I still see the Chiefs as having some of the best defensive personnel in football. Even considering the fact they jointly ended the Steelers' collective playoff chances in 2012, I would love to see either OLB Tamba Hali or Justin Houston on the Steelers' roster. They're both relentless pass rushers, and play the game with a sense of controlled rage.

Or maybe that was just how they played in Week 10 last year, but it left an impression.

RB Jamaal Charles is a high-level player with game-breaking speed and quickness. He's one of those guys any team would find a spot for if he ended up on their roster.

Overall, I'd probably pick DT Dontari Poe. We highlighted Poe quite a bit before the 2012 NFL Draft, and he still looks like a budding elite level defensive lineman. He's athletic enough where he could be used as more than just a 0-technique, depending on the situation.

Successful defenses are being built on that multifaceted defensive lineman more and more, and creating a rotation that includes two or three linemen who can line up in different spots allows a defense to get creative and unpredictable.

The Chiefs will have that in the very near future - if they do not already.

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