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Former Steelers OG Willie Colon enjoying his time with Jets QB Mark Sanchez

Colon slapped Mark Sanchez on his tail during a sideline interview with Pam Oliver during a recent Jets game, showing the Jets struggling offense is full of playmakers.


One of the last times the Steelers saw offensive guard Willie Colon was when he was high-tailing his rear-end out of town after a third consecutive season ending on injured reserve.

His next stop, the travelling circus that is the New York Jets. And most recently, instead of packing up his butt, he was smacking quarterback Mark Sanchez on his.

In a sideline interview of Sanchez conducted by Pam Oliver, Willie Colon - now wearing No. 66 but still playing guard in New York - sneaks up behind Sanchez and slaps him pretty hard square on his ass. Sanchez looks surprised, and doesn't have an immediate reaction to the shot, except to look at Colon and say "ooh." Then he mentions "Willie looks excited."

The Steelers play the Jets in New York in Week 5.

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