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Chiefs vs. Steelers: 5 Questions with Arrowhead Pride

The Chiefs have become one of the most newsworthy teams in the early 2013 season. From a new head coach and quarterback to the No. 1 overall pick, Arrowhead Pride editor Joel Thorman gives his take in 5 Questions.

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Behind The Steel Curtain got with Arrowhead Pride and SB Nation NFL Editor Joel Thorman for five questions about the Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh's opponent in Saturday's Week 3 preseason game.

1. Do you enjoy the fact you've ruined the Steelers' season twice in four years (2009, 2012)?

Hey man, the Chiefs have zero playoff wins since 1994. Zero! These Chiefs-Steelers matchups are KC's playoff games. Just let us have that. Please don't take it from us. But for real, I would rather ruin the Broncos or Raiders season than the Steelers. I don't have any beef with Pittsburgh. You got our guy Todd Haley!

2. In your eyes, why has Eric Fisher struggled so far? Is it a concern?

It's still early enough to say it's a big concern but it definitely catches your eye, especially last week against San Francisco. I think he has to be injured. He just looked too bad not to be. No one is using injuries as an excuse but he has been hurt. He missed a few plays getting his hands taped up during the game, and it was reported earlier this camp that he had injuries to both hands. He missed practice two days after the game with a shoulder injury. Those are things that will affect someone, especially a rookie. So right now it's easy to wipe away as a rookie who's a little hurt getting his feet wet. If we're having this conversation in Week 8, I'm a lot more concerned.

3. (from PaVaSteeler) Steeler Nation is now in Year 2 of the Age of Haley: since you broke our QB last season, the least you could do in recompense is to honestly and objectively tell us what to expect from this man in terms of his play design, play calling and his utilization of player(s) (i.e. does he call plays to fit the personnel, or force the personnel to fit his play calling; is he a conservative play caller; is he foolishly risky, etc).

Remember, he was really hamstrung in Kansas City because of his quarterback. Big Ben opens the door to a million different possibilities that we simply never would see in KC because the quarterbacks in town just couldn't do what Ben could do. That said, Haley absolutely fits his offense to his personnel. He came to KC with a passing background and promptly turned the Chiefs into a running team. With Larry Johnson (at one time) and then Jamaal Charles, that's an easy call. While Haley is famous for his time as the OC in Arizona and that offense, remember that he's still a Parcells guy at heart.

(from FrankWyt). In general, you guys love him or hate (head coach Andy Reid)?

So far, love him. Change, hope, established winner ... all that stuff. Let's put it this way. Todd Haley was a first-time head coach. Romeo Crennel had 24 career wins in four years as a head coach entering his time in KC. And now Andy Reid comes in with 130 career wins. See the difference? I know past performance doesn't necessarily indicate future performance but it's sooo easy to feel good about what Andy Reid is doing in KC.

5. From a new coach to the No. 1 overall pick to most recently the trading of a former first round pick, has the flurry of activity in Kansas City been welcomed by Chiefs fans, or is it met with a sense of fear? Have these been the "right" moves?

Definitely welcomed. The concern would be if they weren't making these moves considering, you know, two wins last year. The big one that most care about is the Alex Smith trade of course. Because it's a new season and folks are always optimistic this time of year, I think most Chiefs fans are behind him. But this is Kansas City, we've seen quarterbacks similar to Alex Smith before so if he doesn't win then he will be treated just like any other quarterback in a win-starved town who can't win. Overall, people are pleased with the moves, and the sheer fact that they're making a lot of moves. Takes a little bit to wipe the stench of 2-14 off of you.

Check out Arrowhead Pride for all the latest Chiefs news heading into Saturday's Steelers vs. Chiefs preseason game.

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