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Steelers giving Kelvin Beachum reps at left tackle

Whether it's done to get a closer look at how the Steelers' top reserve lineman can be used, or sending a message to current starter Mike Adams, the fact Kelvin Beachum is taking snaps at left tackle only goes to show the team sees a lot of value in the second-year player.

Jared Wickerham

If there's a problem within the Steelers' personnel groups, the answer seems to be "give Kelvin Beachum a shot."

Right tackle Marcus Gilbert was and is struggling to a certain extent this preseason, so the team gave him reps with the first team at his old position. Now, according to Ray Fittipaldo of the Post Gazette, Beachum has been taking reps on the left side in place of Mike Adams.

The plan doesn't appear to be to give Beachum a start - maybe to let Adams know his two penalties in the Steelers' loss to Washington were noticed - but he's taken time at every spot on the offensive line this offseason and preseason to some degree now.

It's a wonder if they'll try him at running back sometime in the near future.

Beachum's intelligence and work ethic have made him something of the ultimate swing lineman - maybe even enough to cover two back-up spots and give the Steelers the flexibility to keep just seven offensive linemen on game days. They did this last season, but the amount of injuries along the offensive line caused some of it.

Now, if Beachum can truly learn all those positions, it may be seen as more of an advantage than anything else.

Then again, it could simply be the joint effort to ensure they have seen enough of Beachum to determine his highest and best use, and to advise Adams that, like every player in the NFL, he is replaceable.

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