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Steelers vs. Chiefs: An 'edge to practice' this week in Pittsburgh

The Steelers are ratcheting up the intensity in practice this week, according to left guard Ramon Foster.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Not to be cliche, but if winning preseason games doesn't matter at all, why do they keep score?

The simple answer is to justify the price of admission. That's probably the real reason too, but regardless, if they're going to bother to keep score, a team may as well bother to win. Coaches won't lose their jobs for losing preseason games, but the Steelers last finished the preseason without a win in 2006. They started that season 2-6, and finished 8-8.

Far more of a coincidence that a premonition, but the Steelers are taking it upon themselves to simply ratchet up the level of intensity in practice a bit.

Win or lose, they should be out there competing. Monday's loss to Washington did not inspire those watching with a sense they're really all that interested in competing. That's never a good thing.

According to Ralph N. Paulk and Alan Robinson of the Tribune Review, the Steelers picked up the intensity in practice a bit in preparation for the team's third preseason game against Kansas City - one in which the Steelers will play their starters for a half.

In their notebook published Friday, Steelers left guard Ramon Foster said ""We've done some things that are uncharacteristic of us," he said. "We aren't angry, but we want to be on all cylinders. We know we are better, so we're practicing like it. It'll show up in the game."

It's not as much an issue losing the game, as it is playing like a losing team. If the 0-2 start, and the performance in those games are now serving as a motivational tool, then they served a quality purpose.

If the same level of effort is on the field Saturday against the Chiefs, it may be a different conversation.

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