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Felix Jones Trade: Deal for another running back means roster move on Jonathan Dwyer or Isaac Redman is imminent

The cap savings the Steelers would experience in releasing either Isaac Redman or Jonathan Dwyer is too big to ignore as a main motivation behind trading Adrian Robinson to Philadelphia for Felix Jones.

Hannah Foslien

Not that either Isaac Redman or Jonathan Dwyer had a huge amount of job security before the Steelers traded for running back Felix Jones. Now, though, a few other factors become prominent.

First, while Jones is still more expensive than Robinson, his $780,000 deal he got for this season pales in comparison to either Redman's or Dwyer's contracts. Bringing him in puts a third runner with starting experience in the fold. While Jones' injury history is at least as spotty as Dwyer's and Redman's have been, it would certainly make sense to simply release one of them and their $1.3 million contract.

That's a savings of roughly $520,000, on top of the elimination of Robinson's contract - $480,000 for this season.

So adding Jones for Robinson straight up tacks on an additional $300,000 against the cap, but a release of either Dwyer or Redman not only creates an additional roster spot, it creates a net savings from those two moves of roughly $1 million.

Assuming the Steelers won't divvy that money out to its fan base, it means little to them.

Jones as a runner has experience in Pittsburgh's fledgling outside zone scheme. They have run it in Dallas, and Jones hasn't been terrible in his career mostly as a reserve with some spot starts.

What it basically means is the Steelers can get an injury-prone running back with starting experience for considerably cheaper than Redman or Dwyer.

The injury suffered by Le'Veon Bell this preseason is likely to put him out for at least a few weeks, and the Steelers can save some money with Jones and a release of either one.

Redman has been injured during camp, but is practicing now and should get some time in the Steelers' third preseason game against Kansas City Saturday. Dwyer looked good, if not for a fumble, against Washington Monday.

Jones had limited carries with the Eagles and did not fit well in Chip Kelly's system. Perhaps he finds a better home in Pittsburgh, but the financial benefits of replacing either Dwyer or Redman with the cheaper Jones appears to be at least a big part of the trade.

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