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Adrian Robinson and Felix Jones pass physicals making Steelers trade with Eagles official

The only thing preventing the trade of the Steelers Robinson for the Eagles Jones was the requirement of physicals for each player. Both men passed their respective examinations making the trade official.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

While the world sought to make sense of the trade between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles involving Adrian Robinson and Felix Jones, the teams awaited word of each players respective physical.

With the trade validated by the passing of each player's medical examination, Robinson officially becomes a member of the Eagles, and Jones of the Steelers.

Robinson played college ball for Temple University which plays its home games at Lincoln Financial Field, the home of the Eagles. He will compete for the same position he played for the Steelers - outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense. Jones, a running back familiar with outside zone rushing concepts, will supply healthy legs to an injury riddled group in Pittsburgh.

Neither player is considered a lock to make either roster, but the Eagles had no use for Jones, and the Steelers were running out of interest in Robinson. At least their new teams have a need for their new players, even if they may not be permanent.

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