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Kelvin Beachum's time at tight end may continue

The Steelers used utility OL Kelvin Beachum as the second tight end in 2-TE sets in Saturday's preseason loss to the Chiefs. It's not common, but the question is how frequent will it be used in the future.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

If the Steelers were looking to get creative in their preseason game against the Kansas City Chiefs, they managed to accomplish that goal.

How much it helped still remains to be seen.

It appeared as if playing utility offensive lineman Kelvin Beachum as the team's second tight end was more of a game-planning decision rather than a move indicating a direction of the roster. It makes a lot of sense, though. Beachum, known for his intelligence, now has gotten looks either in games or practices at all six offensive line positions. While it's likely indicative of a power run formation than any kind of sneaky short passing play, one can't rule that out, either.

Beachum's results varied in terms of protection - it was another game with a bit too much pressure on quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and not clear enough lanes for the running backs - but the concept itself is intriguing.

The Steelers have used reserve offensive linemen in 3-TE sets, on the goal line in particular, but using one in a 2-TE set isn't usual. Considering the speed and power of outside linebackers Tamba Hali and Justin Houston, the move makes sense.

The question now is whether it's something they'll use come Week 1 against the Tennessee Titans.

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