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Javris Jones injury update: Steelers believe rookie suffered 'deep bruise' per PFT unnamed source

Jones has been released from the hospital after a battery of test returned negative results on a deep bruise as reported by ProFootballTalk.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

According to, the Pittsburgh Steelers believe first-round draft pick outside linebacker Jarvis Jones suffered a 'deep bruise' in the chest area against the Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday night.

The Steelers have made no such concession officially.  ProFootballTalk cites an unnamed league source for the information.  Many have speculated the injury may have affected the sternum, the lungs or ribs; but no official diagnosis has been released.  Jones was taken to a Pittsburgh-area hospital on a stretcher following the Chiefs contest, but was released Sunday morning and all tests came back negative.

PFT goes on to speculate Jones may seek a second opinion, although they cite no source on the subject.  The CBA provides the right to a second opinion to all players who disagree with their original diagnosis in such situations.  Whether Jones will actually seek one on his own accord has yet to be seen.

Fellow rookie and second-round Steelers draft pick Le'Veon Bell got a second opinion on his mid-foot sprain, as he and the Steelers sought confirmation that surgery would not be necessary (which it was not).

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