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NFL roster cuts: Bears release tight end Leonard Pope

The Steelers have a tenuous situation at the tight end position. Depending on the long-term prognosis of Heath Miller, the Steelers may still look to add a veteran tight end. Pope played with the team in 2012.

Considering the Steelers back-up to every offensive line position was the team's second tight end in Saturday's preseason loss to the Chiefs, it's hard to ignore the availability of veteran TE Leonard Pope.

The Bears cut Pope in their first round of mass cuts Sunday after signing with them this offseason. In essence, Matt Spaeth replaced Pope to an extent, and Pope was looking to replace Spaeth in Chicago.

The Steelers have a few options at tight end, and all of them hinge on the status of Heath Miller. With the Steelers having pared their roster down to 75 Sunday, the next move for the team seems to be making a decision on TE Heath Miller. If he's able to play in Week 1, perhaps the Steelers take their chances with David Johnson and David Paulson as their second tight end.

Johnson is coming off a knee injury of his own, but played in limited snaps Saturday. The fact he wasn't in the first round of cuts suggests he has Thursday's game against the Panthers to prove himself. Otherwise, the Steelers may still be hunting for a tight end who can play in big packages.

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