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Last call for Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football league signups

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Join in with other BTSC members to form a Fantasy Football league on Yahoo! Sports.


Thanks to everyone who joined up in our leagues or expressed interest in doing so.

We encourage you guys to communicate in the comments here to find members of your own league on Yahoo! Not gonna lie, it's tough to crank out news about cuts and all the other fun stuff that comes with the end of the Steelers' preseason and set up Fantasy Football as well, so we're turning it over to you.

We'll be holding our draft during the Steelers' final preseason game, Thursday at 7:30 p.m. ET. Feel free to participate in the Open Thread of that game, and taunt those who make bad picks - myself in particular.

As for people I'm watching, I like Dez Bryant this year, I'm intrigued by Hakeem Nicks playing in a passing offense in a contract year and Cecil Shorts is just a lot of fun to watch - really hard to trust any receiver when Ch-laine Gabb-nne throwing to him.

Let us know who you think will be the big sleeper this year, and join us for Thursday's Open Thread.