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Steelers depth chart: Vince Williams earns promotion through release of Stevenson Sylvester

Some expected Sylvester to be a flexible backup to all four Steelers linebacker positions in 2013. With the termination of his contract, the remaining linebacker competitions are wide open.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

By releasing Stevenson Sylvester on Sunday, rookie Vince Williams is now listed as the primary backup at left inside linebacker to Larry Foote for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Marshall McFadden is listed behind Lawrence Timmons on the other side. Brian Rolle is behind Williams, and Kion Wilson and Terence Garvin, respectively, are behind McFadden.

All five of those players - Williams, McFadden, Rolle, Wilson and Garvin - are key players to watch Thursday in the Steelers' final preseason game against Carolina. It's been an outstanding competition between all of them, and depending on how the whole roster will shake out, some of them are likely to not make the team despite having outstanding training camps.

Williams, McFadden and Rolle are where they are for a reason - even if it isn't the most solid reason. They still have the remaining few practices before the game to show why they belong on this team.

And for the sake of the sagging Steelers' special teams, where they would most likely contribute the most this season if they did make the team, a few plays there would certainly help their cause.

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