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Isaac Redman admits he cannot lay a claim to the Steelers starting position right now

Redman continues to battle injuries in wake of Steelers' final preseason game Thursday.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports
Newly hired ESPN Steelers reporter Scott Brown wrote a feature on Steelers running back Isaac Redman Monday evening, and drew some interesting quotes from the on-again-off-again Steelers starting running back.

“If I’m not out there competing it’s hard to sit here and say that the starting job is mine because I haven’t really done anything this preseason,” he told Brown.

Certainly, he's right. Redman hasn't really done anything in preseason games to this point. He won't play against Carolina Thursday, either, but that isn't a surprise.

Meanwhile, ertzwhile fan-appointed starter Le'Veon Bell continues to heal from a foot injury that could keep him out a few more weeks. Jonathan Dwyer has likely positioned himself for the starting job, but with several displays of questionable vision through his preseason performances.

While the the Steelers' depth and productivity at running back can be questioned, it shouldn't come as a surprise. These reports read much like they did throughout the 2012 season - just replace Bell with Rashard Mendenhall, and add in a Dwyer injury or two.

If anything will change with the Steelers running game this season (in the bottom third of the NFL last year), it doesn't appear that will come through any sort of magical solution or upgrade. Same goes for Redman, if he is going to start - odds are stacked against him right now - he will have to get healthy, then remain healthy.

Whether or not he can do that is anyone's guess.

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