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Winners and Losers from Steelers preseason loss to Carolina

In a recurring theme to the preseason, the Steelers didn't play particularly well and lost. A few players did well, and a few players did not. We highlight them here.

Grant Halverson

Derek Moye - If the Steelers keep five receivers, he'll be one of them.

Chris Carter - he started off a bit slowly but ended up notching two sacks and forcing a fumble in a must-have game for him to make this team. Did he do enough? That'll be one of the many tough questions answered tonight and tomorrow.

David Paulson - A touchdown and four catches on four targets for Paulson, who needed a shot in the arm after a rough preseason.

Alameda Ta'amu - If for nothing else, a great job anchoring the point of attack on a goal line stand in the second quarter. The combination of Ta'amu, Al Woods and Brian Arnfelt on the play suggests a possible surprise of all three of them making this team.


Landry Jones - He seemed to take to Steelers Baptism By Fire (facing an intense pass rush through several plays) pretty well. He led the Steelers on a great drive to start the game, resulting in a touchdown, and made some other nice throws on the game. He's in here far more for his second half performance than his first half performance. Obviously.

Curtis Brown - At the very least, there seemed to be some communication problems between Brown and the rest of the secondary. While Brown wasn't fully responsible for Ted Ginn's 87-yard touchdown, he was beat by him early in the game, and showed he has many of the same issues that put him on the bubble this preseason in the first place.

DaMon Cromartie-Smith - Speaking of Ginn's touchdown...Cromartie-Smith horribly misread Ginn's route, and was flat-footed when the speedy Ginn accelerated past Brown's trail and into his responsibility. He went basically undisturbed down the middle of the field for the score.

Reggie Dunn - On one hand, he's battling to stay in the NFL and he was trying to make something happen. On the other, he took a safety on a punt return. We won't see a dumber play all year. Hopefully.

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