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Steelers vs. Panthers second half open thread

The end of the preseason is just two quarters away.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Carolina, on the speed (literally) of wide receiver Ted Ginn, have blasted ahead to a 17-10 lead over Pittsburgh in the preseason finale Thursday.

The Steelers are getting solid play from rookie quarterback Landry Jones, but a few drops and timely penalties have held them back a bit. What's worse, though, is a defensive unit that has some fairly significant gaffes, along with some strong individual performances.

In other words, it's the fourth preseason game.

Panthers QB Jimmy Clausen is in the game, which basically means the least valuable game of the year is over. We're going to be here continuing to talk about the team this season, enjoying the unintentional humor of the broadcast team and trying to solve all the problems the Steelers have - both now and in the future.

Stick around after the game, too, we have post game "analysis" set up, as well as any updates we see before then.

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